Tug Lyfe E-Juice

Tug Lyfe is a premium eJuice line, created with only the finest quality ingredients available on the market.

They strive and continuously work to provide every customer with satisfaction and a unique, authentic and premium vaping experience.
Among their range of flavors you can sure find something that fits your vaping profile: desserts, fruit or even mixes of these two, as the creators of this eJuice line are, indeed, more than creative when it comes to designing experiences for this community. In the journey to reach the goal of the truly perfect vape, these premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturers make sure to research and create their products with us, the vapers, in mind.

It would be an understatement to say that your inner sweet tooth will be pleased by Encore, a delicious combination of sunkissed strawberries and raspberries on the inhale, finished with a balanced and tasty, sweet yet sour candy exhale. It will tickle your senses and make you come back for more, puff after puff!

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