Propaganda E-Liquid

This premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturing company was born in 2014, based on a dream, that of offering a healthier alternative to cigarette-smoking while offering delicious taste and innovative experiences.

They provide every vaper in the community with top-notch products, created using only high quality ingredients, through a meticulous process of creation: research, development, testing and, only after passing the tests, releasing.

Mixed Cotton Candy is a delicious, yummy and cloudy blend that we’re sure your inner sweet tooth is going to adore! One puff of this goodie and you’ll always be coming back for more!

Illuminati is a mysterious, refreshing and energizing mix of blood orange, pineapple and tangy strawberries! Your taste buds will be intrigued and seduced by this amazing fruit medley!

Blue Slushee will take you back to simpler days, when you could just play outside for a couple of hours, come back and enjoy a large glass of Blue Slushee and not worry about a thing. Doesn’t that sound delicious? You can now taste those days anywhere and anytime you want!

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