Lava Line eLiquid By Volcano

Lava Line eLiquid is brought to you by Volcano Vape, a premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturer that takes pride in providing the entire vaping world with some of the best vaping products available on the market.

They manage to do so through hard work, dedication and by using some of the finest ingredients available on the market.
Released only after a very rigorous quality control process, they ensure not only your satisfaction, but your safety as well.

This line features four amazing blends built around the classic flavors that we all know and love to puff on, giving them new takes to provide you with truly unique vaping experiences!

One of their must try stars is Diamond Head, a tropical mix of tangy passion fruit, sugared orange and sweet guava nectar, sure to engage your senses with a powerful flavor profile!

If you are on the lookout for a cooler experience, Grimsvotn is the one for you! It is an arctic burst of flavor. Cool and refreshing brambleberry skyr opens up the flavors, perfectly matched by a touch of smooth vanilla and mint aftertaste notes. YUM!

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